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Ccm Super Tacks 9380 Intermediate Goalie Skates Ccm Super Tacks 9380 Intermediate Goalie Skates
Ccm Super Tacks 9380 Intermediate Goalie Skates $329.99
Quarter Package: Metaframe Technology - Durable boot with structural stiffness Material: RocketFrame Composite - NHL calibre lightweight composite material Stiffness Performance Index: 170 - Lightweight, stiff and thermo-formable core for an excellent skating experience Boot Collar: Asymmetric Flex Stance - Flex deeper into your stance while generating maximum speed Liner: TotalDri Liner with Durazone Abrasion Protection - High performance moisture wicking material keeps you dry and your skates light. Tongue: Tritech Flex with Moulded Lace Bite Protection - Maximizes the goalie's forward flex while providing optimal protection and comfort Holder: Speedblade XSG - New quick release holder with bladelock system Runner: CCM XSG1 - Stainless Steel Runner
Bauer Supreme S190 Junior Goalie Skates
Bauer Supreme S190 Junior Goalie Skates $349.97
The Bauer Supreme S190 Goal Skate is the first goal skate without a cowling available at retail. Bauer has completely revolutionized the goalie skate with their all new design and many innovative technologies. The skate was designed to give goalies an increased attack angle from the butterfly position and allows them to get as deep as possible when in their ready stance. With no cowling goalies can have their skates lean in towards the ice more without any slippage.The Thermoplastic Polyurethane outsole on the skate not only reduces weight but increases stiffness for better energy transfer and maximum agility. The all new Supreme goal skates feature a goalie specific toe cap that provides increased protection through added thickness and stiffness. A shorter cut on the lateral side relieves pressure and allows a deeper stance, while the taller cut on the medial side maintains protection and support. The tongue also features an asymmetric shape to increase comfort while the goalie is in their stance. The asymmetric design on the new Bauer Supreme S190 Skates specifically enhances the goalie?s ability to move around the crease.Bauer?s HYDRA MAX 2 liner is a liner that helps wick away excess moisture while providing comfort for your foot (this liner is in many high end skates such as the Bauer Reactor 9000 goal Skate released last year).The revolutionary VERTEXX EDGE holder is designed and developed to provide a greater attack angle by increasing overall skate height by 5mm and reducing traditional cowling material. The benefit to the goalie is a 10% better attack angle than Bauer?s original VERTEXX cowling for quicker and harder pushes while using less energy. The VERTEXX EDGE holder also features an innovative trigger system that allows goalies to change steel within seconds. The Bauer Supreme S190 Skate also features elite grade LS 2G steel that maximizes energy transfer and has a superior surface finish for a cleaner and stronger sharpening edge. The Supreme S190 Skate offers a 38% better angle than traditional cowlings and 10% more over the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Goal Skate.
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Bauer Elite Junior Goalie Skates Bauer Elite Junior Goalie Skates
Bauer Elite Junior Goalie Skates $319.99 $349.99
Flexibility, movement, and stability for powerful pushes: Features new STANCEFLEX + with CURV quarter which allows for flexibility and movement, but major stability and structure down low. Upgraded runner: Features LS3G+ runner with a standard profile.
True Tf9 Junior Goalie Skates True Tf9 Junior Goalie Skates
True Tf9 Junior Goalie Skates $599.99
The True TF9 Goalie stock skate is designed for goaltenders looking to enjoy TRUE’s patented one-of-a-kind skate technology and best-in-class fit, at a mid-level price point. Best-In-Class Fit Best-In-Class Performance Versatile Designs Tech Details: With its thermoformable carbon fiber one-piece shell, improved ToeCap design, and adjustable, asymmetrical tongue, the TF9 Goalie Skate delivers superior fit and comfort in a lightweight build. TRUE’s proprietary high-grade carbon fiber one-piece shell construction and FIBERSHIELD Technology, TRUESHELL Tech seamlessly wraps the toe box, eliminating weak points around high impact areas and providing superior protection. The all new SHIFT Attack goalie holder features BenchChange technology allowing faster blade replacement. 3mm SHIFT stainless steel blades provide lightweight design, lasting edge, and ultimate performance when moving laterally, while the improved strap passages accommodate all strap sizes for secure pad attachment. The ultra-comfortable Neoprene Achilles cuff allows for full ankle extension and mobility, while the exterior, low profile loop accommodates all strap sizes for added secure pad attachment.

Our Popular Hockey Sticks

Bauer Supreme M5Pro Full Right Senior Goalie Stick - 27 Inch
Bauer Supreme M5Pro Full Right Senior Goalie Stick - 27 Inch $259.99
Paddle: ERGO Geometry with Carbon Glass Shaft: UD Carbon Shaft Blade: TEXTREME with AEROFOAM Bridge Core Handle: Griptac Weight: 665 grams
True Ax9 Senior Goalie Stick
True Ax9 Senior Goalie Stick $299.99
Featuring our redesigned flex zone, the all-new AX9 goalie stick is optimized for enhanced power and balance for faster load times and quicker passes. This, combined with the all-new Fibershield technology for increased durability in the shaft, makes the AX9 the elite goalie stick. Available in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes in both black or white. FiberShield: FiberShield Technology disperses low-density nanoparticles throughout the shaft, paddle, and blade for improved balance and increased durability in the shaft. Redesigned Flex Zone: The redesigned flex zone within the ASERIES ‘20 paddle is optimized for enhanced power and balance, providing faster load times and quicker passes. Improved Weight & Balance: By redistributing materials within the shaft, paddle, and blade, the balance point has shifted 3 inches closer to the goaltender’s hand position, decreasing weight by 5% while improving overall shaft durability. Enhanced Paddle Durability: Designed with BRT+ technology distributed throughout the paddle, blade, and heel, the all-new AX9 provides improved balance while improving durability.
Ccm Extreme Flex 5 Pro Senior Goalie Stick Ccm Extreme Flex 5 Pro Senior Goalie Stick
Ccm Extreme Flex 5 Pro Senior Goalie Stick $299.99
The new EFlex 5 Pro is a total game changer. From its new Asymmetrical design to its improved dampening, lightweight and new flex profile, you won't only be there for big saves, but also for quick breakouts Key Features New Asymmetrical Design: This new combination of Sigmatex and Innegra brings performance to the next level and provides a unique look and lightweight feature. Adjusted Flex Profile: The low flex profile has been improved to match the needs of today's game. Playing the puck will be faster than ever with an improved and better balanced low kick point profile. New Vibration Dampening Construction: Vibration dampening at its best. This new construction combined with the addition of our new Aerograde Foam makes for our best feeling goalie stick ever. Lightweight: Increased speed, quicker movements. That's what a 40G Weight reduction delivers. Other Features Paddle Technology - New Vibration Dampening Construction with Aerograde Foam: New construction that maximizes vibration dampening due to its internal design and addition of high performance aerograde dampening foam Material - Innegra Fiber and Sigmatex Asymmetrical Design: Combination of two strategically placed high performance fibers provides lightweight strength, feel and a dynamic design. Flex Profile - New Low Flex with Softer Shaft: This low profile has been improved to match the needs of today's game. Playing the puck will be easier than ever with an improved and better balanced kick point. Shaft Technology - Rounded Shape: The rounded shape delivers greater impact resistance and better comfort. Blade - Peel-Ply Technology: Optimized texture reduces weight while increasing control of puck.
Ccm Axis Pro Senior Goalie Stick Ccm Axis Pro Senior Goalie Stick
Ccm Axis Pro Senior Goalie Stick $299.99
The new Axis Pro Series was born to deliver great performance and feel between the posts. Defend your crease like a pro with enhanced shaft durability, improved paddle and blade thickness, plus new cutting-edge nanolite carbon layering technology. The new lightweight construction puts this series over the top and ready for the next save. New Nanolite Carbon Layering: Experience lightweight to a new level with the innovative high performance carbon layering developed by the CCM engineering team. Combined with extremely thin sigmatex® spread tow technology allows us to achieve layers micro-thin carbon fiber at optimized angels so your stick is not only incredibly light, it’s incredibly strong. Added Feel: Zeroflux technology dampens vibrations for superior rebound management and upgraded stick handling. Optimized Paddle and Blade Design: The new streamlined shape makes every stick in the Axis Pro Series lightweight and extremely high performing.

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